Thursday, April 02, 2009

More puke

Got to love it... Brianna today. She threw up at school. I'm guessing this bug has a 48 hour incubation period... Tuesday last week Micah was exposed, he was puking Thursday. Tuesday this week Brianna was exposed, she's puking today and laying around. Fun stuff. Let's hope she keeps it to herself like Micah did!!

Today's schedule has changed a dozen times...
First I canceled E's PT and her teacher coming out, canceled my tutoring student coming, scheduled for my mom to go to B's Easter party at school and pick up K, M, and B from school. I was bringing her a carseat to make that doable. She would bring them home, get them down to naps and be here an hour then Mike's mom would come relieve her. Emma had her first neurology appointment scheduled which Mike and I would both be attending. We also made plans to have coffee with a friend near her neuro appt on our way... but... yesterday they called and cancelled neurology.

So then I planned to have a nice morning to 'catch up' on things with just Emma and I. Then I'd go to B's class party along with my mom and take them home. Therapies and school were already cancelled, so we'd have a nice relaxing day at home together and a nice start to spring break. I needed to run to the bank and a few other errands that E and I would do together this morning.

That didn't happen either.

Brianna's school called me an hour after I left that she'd thrown up. So I rushed back up there, picked up M and B and came home. B hasn't napped but threw up again and has been lounging all afternoon... She did eat about a dozen club crackers and drink a few sips of gatorade, so at least she's not on complete "empty." Now instead of a fun start to spring break I'm cleaning up puke and keeping kids quarantined.

Ah.... more puke... better run!

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