Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy days

On Monday- was that just yesterday?- my mom came over and kept M and E then I headed out to bring B to her preschool then to a different school to bring K. I swung back by the house to get my Garmin and off to find the new Social Security office. Seven months after I applied I still haven't gotten Micah's care- but I got Emma's 5 months ago. Something is amiss!

I found the office without any trouble and waited an hour and a half while passing most of the time with a friend from church that also happened to be there :) But at last I talked to someone and she found Micah in the system (eventually) then said he's stuck in "suspect". Seriously? A 2 year old is 'suspect'?? No, that's apparently not what that means, but somehow his paperwork hasn't been translated yet. Yes, this would be his birth certificate and the court decree. Ok, so the court decree is about 6 pages long... but it's the SAME PIECE OF PAPER AS EMMA'S! They had the same court! Anyway, It's good to know that his SS card wasn't stolen out of my mailbox or not delivered properly and, indeed, it hasn't been sent. The bad news is that we can't do our taxes until we have it! They assured me it'll probably be here by April. Gee... I applied in JULY! Hmm...

After getting home I pretty much turned around and went back out the door when my mom offered to continue to watch Emma and Micah while I picked up the other kids. So I ran and got Brianna and dropped her home since her school is closeby then left again to get Kristopher. Finally at about 12:45 I was home!

At 2 Emma's teacher comes over on Mondays for an hour and then at 3 Mike's mom came to keep the three younger kids and let them finish out naps while I took Emma to PT. This is the first time she's had PT immediately following "school" but she did really good with it! Just after 4 I got home in time to meet Mike in the driveway. He came in and finished his paper for school and ran back out for class. His mom headed home and we had dinner, playtime, and bed by 7:30.

Then I sat down with relief that this BUSY day was over! LOL At 8:30 I host a chat for parents adopting from Ukraine through Reece's Rainbow so I logged in on there until after 11! These moms (and DAD) were a hoot last night! Then it was time to get out clothes for the kids in the morning and go to bed myself. Just before midnight as I laid down I heard a strange sound in the monitor... That would be Micah- not breathing well...

Off to his bedroom to find he's really stuffy and is holding his breath a lot. Nasal syringe (he loves that ewwww), nebulizer, and then off to my bed with him for a while. I also put one of my socks over his hand because it's super-chapped from him sucking on it while he sleeps- like, the BACK of his fist, so weird... After a while and a few more suctions he was fine. Everything coming out was clear or barely colored. I also gave him a decongestant strip and by the time everything kicked in he was just fine. Thank God! I was thinking at the beginning we might be visiting the ER. It's so weird how just a stuffy congested nose- and JUST AT NIGHT- can be such a big thing to the little guy! He's definitely a nose-breather!

Finally at 12:30 I laid down and was asleep pretty fast! It was like the neverending day!

Of course at 6:15 when Brianna started crying I wasn't quite ready to deal with her but a snuggly spot between Mike and I seemed to do the trick. Around 6:45 I put her back in bed and 15 minutes later Kristopher was up. We sent him to go get dressed (yay that I'd gotten clothes out!) and laid there for another 20 minutes! Neither of us wanted to get out of bed this morning! Finally just before 7:30 we got up and Mike went to shower while I got all the others up and fed. I got my 5 minute COLD *ahem* shower LOL and Mike took off with Kristopher so he wouldnt be late. We weren't far behind and I brought Brianna and Micah to the church.

From there Emma and I stopped by Target to pick up a few essentials and then home for some relaxing :) Now I'm headed out to Publix to pick up some hot subs (yum, I hope!) and bring one up to Mike while I pick up the 3 kids from their classes, drop them back at my house and hopefully in their beds, and then head back up to the church for a meeting about the summer children's camp.

Normally this many appointments/meetings don't fall into such a short period of time, but maybe by Thursday(?) I'll have some time to relax a bit. Tomorrow morning Emma has an OT eval for the school system! (FINALLY!!) :)

I do have to say- my parents and inlaws have been WONDERFUL this week about volunteering to keep the kids so I can go here and there with one or two of them! And this weekend Mike and I are helping with a children's retreat (which kinda snuck up on us!).

Also, I'm excited to see Ilya's grant fund growing! Thank you to everyone that's contributed so far! We're a little less than a week in and have raised over $200! Even if that was the max amount of donations we were to get I would be pleased! But... there's 3 more weeks for you to donate and don't forget that you'll also be eligible for the give-away of "Count Us In" if you donate :)


  1. Hi Meredith. It made me tired just reading this :o) Sounds like everyone is doing great! I'm so glad to read that.
    Love, Kelley

  2. There are days when I think my schedule is hectic and I come to read your blog.... and I feel better...LOL your a great mom, and I too applaud the "great" grandparents that help when they can!!!