Monday, January 26, 2009

Three more

Last night Mike ordered out from Panda Express. Thinking Emma would love it, I cut up some lo mein and put it on her tray. I was wrong. She looked at me like I'd put live worms down! (granted I'm pretty sure she's never seen or heard of a worm...)

I put two fork fulls in her mouth each with eager chewing and her pushing loose strands back in. Ok, so she DOES like it. I put her hand in. No go. She screams a bit and pulls back. A bit more convincing, I put her hand out again and help her pick up one little noodle. She gets it to her mouth. Chews. Good. Then the third time, she lets loose with an ALL OUT WAIL and continues screaming and throwing a fit for a good 3-4 minutes!

I took her out of the chair and into another (dark) room and sat her on my lap then she finally started to calm. About 10 minutes later I thought- why not? So I put her back in her highchair- lo mein on her tray- and walked away. Little booger. She ate every bite available and even the seconds I then offered. Strong willed much???


Kristopher loves our fridge phonics. Even though the little box that says the letter and sound needs new batteries, he loves to spell and read with them. A bit ago I made a ton of 3 letter words that all needed an 'a' in the middle of them. MAP, CAT RAN, etc... using up most of the alphabet letters and lining them up so you slide the 'a' down to make new words.

I finally showed this to Kristopher tonight and he read every word with the exception of JAY, which I have to say is a bit of a hard one for a 4 yr old to figure out. Then he started making his own words :) I love watching his little brain work!


It's official, Micah's on the move! He's now able to get up to standing without any help or anything to lean on! He's also taken 1 then 2 steps together to get to Mom or Dad. Then, of course, he LEANS with his arms out and you hope you can catch him in time :) He's never actually close enough!

Today I stood in front of him and put my arms down and motioned for him to "come here". He sat at my feet and grinned at me. I did it again, 3 or 4 times, wanting to see if he would try to stand to get to my (out of reach) hands. Aparently not, but it was awful cute to see him look down at his own hands and do that same "come here" motion :) I gotta say, I fell for it and scooped him up :)


  1. YaY to all three brags :)

  2. Oh I wish you had video of Emma doing that, how funny. wow, she has came along way!

    Your son is doing great. My 4 year old, only knows "is" and her name!! lol We haven't worked alot at it.