Monday, January 26, 2009

Brianna's speech

Brianna's speech has really come out a lot more lately. We used to hear "AAAHHHH" about everything, and then when prompted she'd use words and sign to tell us what she wanted/needed or was trying to tell us. In the morning she cried, when she was hungry she went to her highchair and... cried, and when someone was bothering her she... yep, cried.

Here's a little of what's changed in the past month or so:

When Brianna wakes up she says "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!!! UP! UP!" (and when he doesn't answer...) "Mommy! UP!! Mommy! UP!! Mommy!!!"

When she wants to eat she goes to the pantry, picks something out, then hands it to me and signs "open".

If Brianna's finished eating she asks for 'up'. Ok, so it should be down, and if we say "do you want down" we get a spoken and signed 'yes, down' but for some reason she thinks she needs 'up' until then.

A few minutes ago she spilled a bit of milk and went to the paper towel roll to get herself the rest of the towels on the roll a paper towel and cleaned up her spill then put it in the trash.

Unfortunately, the trash is also where finished bottles, bowls, and plates go. Who knew?

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