Thursday, January 15, 2009

Last night Brianna found a snack

Micah had opened up the cupboard and pulled things out but then Mike picked him up and got him ready for bed. I walked by a few minutes later and said "why is this still on the floor if you told me Micah pulled it out?" Ah... well, my hands were full and I was getting Emma in bed so there it stayed again...

A few minutes later it was Brianna's turn for pajamas and I looked around to find her...

On the floor of the kitchen with a mouth full of marshmallows! LOL She really enjoyed them! She did need a BIG drink of milk after that, but I guess it's ok since she went to sleep all right :)


  1. I had to read that twice cause in your post I thougth you said Emma was eating them!! lol

  2. I came to your blog from Smiles and Trials. What beautiful children. Are you familiar with the Christian author Barbara Curtis who has adopted several downs children?