Sunday, January 25, 2009

This week...

005 009


Doesn't that look relaxing?  Ahh... if only it was a novel he was reading instead of school work...

014 016

Yes, Micah climbed ho here on the overturned ottoman on his own and laid down on Brianna's lap.  She sat and rubbed his head and 'mothered' him... she loves the little (BIG) guy :)

001 010

This is what Boppy pillows are for after it's not used for nursing... and isn't Emma just so sweet with her legs crossed and her thumb in her mouth?  She definitely doesn't pass for almost 6 in that picture though...

004 005 006 007


  1. #1. School work or not, laying out by the pool in the hammock in short sleeves in the middle of January is cool.

    #2. Eli crosses his legs like that all the time. Strange... That is, when he's not sleeping totally folded in half (that does NOT look comfortable at all!).

  2. These are adorable pictures. Priceless.

    And hey, I think we have the exact same tinkerbell sheets! :)

  3. All of your kids are sooo precious....but I gotta say that Micah is EDIBLE!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!!