Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Screaming and fighting

That's how I just left Brianna at her first day of pre-k. I sure hope she decides she likes it there and warms up to it. I got there at about 2'til 8 (was told it "starts" at 8... guess they meant drop off starts then, but it's ok. I brought in diapers, and her bag with a change of clothes, got her paperwork all settled and then she refused to help put her backpack away, refused to help put her lunchbox away, and wasn't cooperative in walking in to the bathroom either.

When we finished up with paperwork, her teacher said "pick up your backpack" then took her hand and started walking to the cubbies--- but Brianna didn't know why she was holding a backpack (that she's never seen before LOL) or where she was being led or why... Hopefully as the day goes on they'll be a bit more descriptive of what she's supposed to do. For instance, "I'm going to show you where your cubby is, let's go put your backpack in", then she'd probably have been more agreeable. I did mention it, though I don't expect that her first day she's going to be really hapy about listening to someone she doesn't know. Moreso if she knows WHAT they're doing and isn't just led around though.

Rough start to the semester, but hopefully by this afternoon she'll be happier and enjoying herself! 1st days are supposed to be a little rough though, right? :) LOL

Here's some pic's from BEFORE we went inside :) (and she was still excited about her first day of school!)  Cheezy grin!
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  1. Oh girl, we know that one. Their scared, they don't understand. It does get better!