Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Mommy: Baby Knows

This is the baby doll that we got Brianna for her birthday.  She's very cute (and was on clearance for just under $20) and sings, talks, and in one setting also speaks the body parts in Spanish (we don't have it set there- we'll work on English and ASL for now ;) ).  She does say "I love you Mommy" so although I don't see any problem getting it for a little boy, the doll seems to think only girls will like her ;)

Also, her ABC song isn't actually the whole ABC song... she hums and makes noises in part of it instead of singing.  It's cute, yes, but I was a bit disappointed as I don't want Brianna to sing her ABC's that way :)


Thanks Stephanie!  Here's the boy version, but I found him at Amazon for $50! Yikes!


  1. They make this in a boy version too :) Its really cute my daughter has it, she perfers boy baby dolls over girls.

  2. we bought the boy from Toys R Us. It wasn't $50!! We got it on clearance after christmas. Here because we live in a mostly white community the clearance dolls are usually AA or boy dolls.

  3. I love these kinds of dolls! We got a similar one for our daughter who is blind several years ago and she LOVED it!!! I am looking for a nice doll for Mattea---She already has a little shopping cart waiting at home. I thought that would be good for her to practice her walking. I got one similar to this- I am going to weight the bottom so it won't tip over as easy. Now we just need a baby to sit in it.
    Lou in Odesa with Mattea