Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess I should have clarified...

Thanks for the e-mails and suggestions for the kids below. For the record all are in state-custody and to my knowledge have families working toward their adoptions. The second child is not a citizen and her passport is not available. She was abandoned while in the US with her mother- status unknown. So that's where the hiccup comes in-- she's not a US citizen so it's an int'l adoption, yet there's nothing from her homecountry to show she is an orphan because... she wasn't- she was here with her mother. Weird weird situation.

I collected some info and sent it on to her SW so hopefully they will work something out and she'll be able to get a forever family. There is an immigration official involved already. Please pray that if there's someone in her homecountry 'missing her' they are able to find her, and that if not, she's able to be officially adopted here in the US!

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