Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yesterday's doctor visits. What IS a well check anyway?

Yesterday I took K and Brianna in for well visits.  K is slim, 33.5lbs and 42.5" which is around the 30 and 50th %.  Not too bad.  He got 4 shots ("kindergarten" shots, but we needed the physical updated for school so we did them now) and also a flu mist.  Poor kid did NOT like getting shots.  Freaked out before anything was even done... had to physically hold him down for the nurse to do them.  Wonder who he got that from... (nope, NOT me... or Mike! LOL)

Brianna is 21lbs 4 oz which is below the 5th% on the Ds chart.  She's 34" which is between 50 and 75% on the Ds chart for 36 months.  Scrawny little thing...  She also got 2 shots- one was a booster and her flu shot.

Kristopher had his hearing and vision checked and those were fine and both kids BP were good as well as their pulse.  All was going well...

Of course there's an "until."  There always seems to be an "until," doesn't there?

Until the doctor looked at the urinalysis results for Kristopher.  Hmm, someone marked Glucose +1.  The doctor left the room and asked the nurse if that was recorded right or a mistake.  Nope, it's right.  They did a quick finger prick for a blood glucose level and it was 90 so it was fine.  But it's still not right to have glucose in the urine.

So... they sent us off with orders to go right to the hospital for another urinalysis and theirs are done a little differently so we're hoping that it was a 'fluke' that K's showed glucose in the ped's office.  Always better to check on it then not... but hoping it's all just a fluke.

Our trip around town and back lasted a little over 4 hours by the time we had both physicals at the dr's office as well as the urinalysis at the hospital.  It did include a trip through McDonald's for a special treat of Happy meals because I had NO toys with me and had no idea how many hours we'd be sitting waiting for K's turn in the lab.  He was excited about the toy (and Brianna about the french fries...) and the wait at the hospital wasn't too bad after all.

Now we wait.  I imagine if there's still a problem we'll hear back soon.  If not, then in a week :)  That's generally the way it works, right?  If the second test shows the same, our ped will let us know where to go from there.  She did say it would require further testing if that's the case.  For now, though, he's at school, Brianna's at school, and two little people are playing sitting next to me on the floor :)


  1. Our fifteen year old son's urinalysis came back last month with some oddball results and we had to have it repeated. It turned out that he hadn't gotten a "clean catch" and everything was fine. I hope that you have something similarly minor that affected the first test result.

  2. If the glucose is there, what could that mean exactly? Praying everything comes out clear!

  3. We don't have 'well visits' in the UK. We have a health visitor that comes round every so often and then if you need shots you go in to the GP for that. Our neighbour (well they live around the corner so not that close) is married to an American and she said she wishes we had a well section and a sick section in the GP surgeries. I think that is a brilliant idea actually! Hmmm who do I phone on the NHS to get this? ha ha