Saturday, January 10, 2009

When did the entire house fall apart?

When did Kristopher go back to taunting his mother?

When did Micah decide to scream if you put him down?

When did Brianna decide she doesn't like ANYTHING I give her for dinner?

Ok... so at least Emma's behaving...

Oh yeah, and when did Mike have to be at the church service early to get some things ready?

Of course... tonight... but to his defense he did tell me this earlier in the day when our children were the same ones we had last week and our home was not in such complete disarray... oh, and at that point we were all going to church. Now Micah's got a low grade fever and the kids and I are hanging at home...

When did having 4 kids seem easy? Oh yes, that was yesterday. Hoping it will be tomorrow too...!


  1. They're getting back at you for leaving them behind last night! LOL Hope tomorrow's better!

  2. I was going to say the same thing :) But I don't believe it! Hope you get out MORE!