Monday, January 12, 2009

And the puking begins...

Thankfully it's Brianna- not that I WANT her to throw up, but she seems to do so pretty regularly to purge her system and then is fine the next day, so here's hoping that's all she's got to do. Mike and I haven't been feeling on top of the world so I'm not surprised she's got a version of it too... Looks like Brianna's home with me tomorrow. I wonder how Micah will do tonight and if he'll go tomorrow. I'm leaning (hard) toward keeping him home, but he has been fine all day, he's eating fine (a change from the past 2 days) and other than a runny nose he seems back to himself. Oh, and no fever since last night. I think I'll still keep him home... but I'm not going to decide that until I go to bed tonight. If he really is fine, and has had 24 hours of fine, he can go... But I hate sending them right after being sick anyway...

What a perfect night for Mike to start back to school! Yikes! (there's only 1 hour 45 minutes until bed time, so I really shouldn't complain!)


Brianna just had the one episode and laid around for a while then seemed happy enough to run from me (in the living room) to Emma (through the kitchen and in the family room) repeatedly screaming "mama mama" and "emma emma" while she did so... while I was on the phone long distance... with Kristopher close behind and imitating her. Yep, we know who was in charge of THAT exercise! LOL Here's hoping she's over the pukes and got it out of her system!! A relaxing evening with no neb treatments and no puking sounds absolutely lovely!!

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