Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Resolutions?

Hmm... I've thought about this a few times here lately, and I honestly can't say that I can think of anything that I could resolve to "do differently" this year that would actually... WORK...

I will say I want to spend more time in God's Word and because it's a new year, a fresh start is a good time to get back on the horse... But I'm not sure that I want to call that a resolution. Why not? Because once you break a resolution, you rarely pick it back up.

And I can tell you... I will fail at this. It happens all the time. Life gets busy, I get tired, kids get cranky, and before you know it instead of running TO the Word I run to sleep and to get that last load of laundry done, and to get the other kid to the doctor... and it takes me a little bit to remember why life has gotten so hectic and that all the answers are there- all the comfort- all the peace. I just have to pick it up and READ it. Prayer comes easily to me. I can talk with God all day long. But sitting down and studying His Word isn't something that I want to resolve to do. I JUST WANT TO DO IT.

So... what resolutions could I make? Who am I kidding if I think I'll
  • keep my house cleaner
  • be more on time
  • talk calmer when my kids are in trouble
  • keep the dishes done (load them as you go, right? Nope, doesn't work!)
  • keep up with the laundry
  • change the sheets more regularly
  • mop the floors more often
  • wash the dog more so she can spend more time in the house with us
  • take the kids outside more (this is a DIFFICULT thing with 4 that all come in head to toe covered in black dirt!)
  • make more time for myself each day (maybe even shower EVERY day??)
  • go on more dates with my husband
  • spend less
  • lose weight (nope, never has been a goal of mine, sorry)
  • gain weight (nah, not much on this one either)
  • work out more (what, hauling the kids around isn't enough?)
  • play more (I'd never get ANYTHING done!)
  • work less (um... see all of the above!)
  • sleep more (I'd LOVE to... but...)
  • drink less caffeine (um, this is necessary to survival!)
The list goes on and on... all the things that I won't be resolving to do this year. So, no New Year's Resolutions for me this year. Just the knowledge and desire to seek after God's heart for myself and my family this year in new ways- and the knowledge that when I fail, God is waiting with open arms to accept me back into His embrace and help me to sort my priorities back out with Him at the top.


  1. What a GORGEOUS post. My sentiments exactly. I don't make resolutions, for the very reason you stated. I will break them.
    Many blessings to you this new year! (and thank you, thank you for being my friend and praying with me this past year!)

  2. God is truly gracious and merciful and forgiving!