Monday, January 05, 2009

Today's the beginning...

Of what I HOPE to be a great finish to school!

Kristopher went off to his pre-k class this morning after a pretty decent night's sleep last night (he was out by 7:30 but did wake up twice during the night for a minute or two each time).

Tomorrow Brianna and Micah go back to KAD where they've both been doing well. Micah will start back with PT there.

Wednesday (God willing...) Brianna will start pre-k in her new 50/50 reverse mainstream class. Only problem is that I haven't had her physical yet so this morning I'm going to call the doctor's office and hope to get her a well-visit today or tomorrow so I can have that paper for Wednesday! If not... Not sure if she can start until I have that. She will be going there on Mon and Wed mornings.

Wednesday night we start back ST for Micah and Emma. This is the first time Brianna won't have speech at the house and also the first set of Emma's "numbered" appointments... meaning she'll have only 19 paid for ST visits the rest of the year after Wednesday... fun fun.

Thursday is Emma's first day back with her pre-k teacher here at the house. She comes Mondays and Thursdays.

Thursday is also Emma's first day back at PT AND her first time having PT with her new BRACES! It's also the first of her 20 allotted PT sessions... Praying I hear back from some of the people I contacted soon!

And thankfully... this week does NOT start Mike's classes! He does start back next week, though, and he's going to have not one but two classes this semester- which when they're only 8 weeks each is a lot to pack in! So, between 2 nights of classes and homework in between, it's going to be a very BUSY couple of months.

And me? I have nothing new! :) Unless of course all the kids' stuff countrs... I'd say I need to change that but I'm not sure that I want to!

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  1. OK, what is 50/50 reverse mainstream? I must know!