Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ask away

Haven't done this it a little bit, so here's your chance to go right ahead and ask... Just be respectful please in your questions :)

I'll answer them over this next week...


  1. I was just on Facebook and saw that you had been tagged in a photo. I can't remember whose picture it was, but you were a little bitty girl. It looked like BRIANNA was in that picture. She is you all over again. SO precious!!

    I love your precious family.

    Allison Fuller

  2. Do you plan on adopting any more children?

  3. I heard you are expecting again- congratulations! I know you love children and are clearly blessed with awesome parenting skills. Yet... is there a part of you that's a little worried about parenting five young children, at least three with special needs, all needy in their own way?

  4. how many kids are in diapers?
    do they still do bottles?
    what size does kristopher wear?
    they are beautiful.

  5. Are any of your children receiving feeding therapy so that they eat solids better?