Monday, January 05, 2009

Yay! I got it!

I know not so long ago I was debating switching ped offices- and I honestly don't care for SOME of the ped's at the kids' office... but I am glad that I have stuck it out. I really DO like our current ped and the office has been great about accommodating us.

For instance... this morning just a few minutes ago I called and said "in the midst of the sick visits, I haven't scheduled my 2 'healthy' kids' well visits... and they need school physicals to be updated. Um... quickly... Brianna starts school Wednesday and K's was done at the same time as Bria's last year.

Tomorrow at 3 they can both go in :) I also scheduled Emma's next well visit where she can 'catch up' on the rest of her immunizations as well (we were holding this off until post-op and then had other stuff going on with her so... now it's time).

Also- below I was asked about 50/50 reverse mainstream. The pre-k class that Brianna's going to be in is aimed at kids with special needs and thus has a PT, OT, and ST that are "part of the class learning team" for the classroom and these skills are worked on every day (even when the therapists aren't there too). Brianna also has 1:1 time with these therapists (well, not OT yet, she has to have an eval for that one... which means maybe NEXT year ugh).

Anyway... the 50/50 reverse mainstream means that 50% of the kids in her class have IEP's and that 50% of the kids do not. It's reverse mainstreaming because the 'typical' kids are brought into the "ex ed" environment instead of the kids with IEP's being brought into the regular classroom. I love the idea for pre-k :) I believe there will be about 8 kids on the days Brianna will go and their numbers are almost always exactly 50/50 so it will be 4 kids with IEP's and 4 typical peers :)


  1. That school setting sounds GREAT! Happy belated birthday to Miss Bria!!

  2. It's good to hear that they are working with you on appointments. That was one of the reasons (the other being we didn't like the DR) that we left that particular pediatric group. They could never get appointments right and certainly would not make arrangements for a short notice appointment.

  3. I worked (several years ago) in a reverse mainstreem pre-school. It was the best classroom experience that I ever worked in! There were two teachers at all times. One for the "typical" children and one for children with more specialized needs. I hope that Briana really enjoys herself!