Saturday, January 17, 2009

So much to say, so little to tell

We've been pretty busy this week!  There's so much going on, but it's basically run-of-the-mill stuff, nothing too exciting to share.

On Monday and Tuesday I had my first two nights of 'home time' with the kids and Mike began his first sessions of his two classes.  He's hopeful that the new teacher for one class is going to make a big difference and thus his schedule will be do-able this semester.  It's only 8 weeks long... and one down already!  On this track he should have one more class this semester and one or two over the summer, then he's DONE!  He'll be graduating in August with his Master's in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University.  He's taking his classes at a campus in Orlando though ;)

This was also Brianna's first full four days of school- except I kept her home on Tuesday since she threw up on Monday... so it didn't end up that way.   Since Monday is a holiday she won't have a 4 day week next week either!

Kristopher's been doing fairly well being back in school.  Yesterday every time he interacted with anyone they cried-- partly because they're little and don't TALK, but mostly because he wanted to take their toys, knock them down (not hard, but just so they weren't standing anymore...) or toss dress up clothes at them...  Needless to say he spent a good portion of the day going from MY SIDE to play, to his bedroom, to play, to his bedroom... ah... the discipline cycle.  We made other adjustments too, but it was a bit of a rough day.

Micah has recovered pretty well from whatever he had going on last weekend.  We know he aspirated and ended up with a horrible cough and congestion along with a low grade fever which we did breathing treatments, tylenol, etc. for.  But on Sunday his legs got a slight rash on them which we assumed was from the fever.  It lessened by Tuesday night (except right after warm baths of course) and by Thursday was just very faint.  Then during his bath today- a WEEK later- I noticed it on his arms too.  We'll monitor still, but with no other symptoms a rash on his extremities doesn't send me in to a panic- especially when I know he just was a little sick.  He's back to sleeping normal, eating normal, and his regular happy self so I'm not too concerned.  Plus, once again it's the weekend.  Why do kids show up with 'new stuff' on the weekends???

Emma is loving the idea of standing.  She doesn't like the braces much but they've obviously opened her world to a whole new idea of what it means to put weight on your feet and not bend your knees backward.  She's beginning to do this even without them on and we're hopeful that as she gets practice both ways she will get stronger and eventually bear weight on her legs without someone holding her legs from bending backward :)  Also, the new braces when bent to about 90 degrees are hitting one another in the back.  At first we didn't think it was a problem, but sure enough it's pinching her lower thigh a bit.  We can't do as many stand-sit exercises with the braces on unless we find a solution to this.  She's generally doing well with this concept though so we will keep practicing it without the braces on.

I'm hanging in there, been a busy week and is the start of MANY more, but the kids are good, the husband is good, so I am good :)  I'm ready to enjoy this 3 day weekend.  In fact, I'm still in my pajamas and it's 1:10.  Oh, wait, that's because I haven't had a minute to take a shower yet today ;)


  1. And yet... Like us... You wouldn't trade it for the world. :-)

  2. I just love your updates and am so glad you find the time to post. Seriously, I look forward to reading your updates, ideas, etc. Thanks!