Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some pictures from yesterday...

Emma... wasn't really cooperative.  I said "smile" and she covered her face and pulled her hair... um... not exactly picture perfect...  But she did let me take one a few minutes later (right after taking a bite of food... don't MESS with meal times!!)


Brianna first handed me a cheezy grin.  And no, she's not growing a beard- she's had a runny nose and was biting her bottom lip so it's broken out in a rash.  It's being treated, but... there it is.  I like the second one without the cheezy grin :)


Micah wasn't feeling great- I took these yesterday.  He is still so very adorable though!!  He kept turning around and crawling away when I called him to take a pic!

028 029

Kristopher was eating cheese doritoes in the other room (so Brianna wouldn't beg for them!) but I caught him with a bit of 'extra' on his face.  So I sent him to the bathroom to wash his face and of course he thinks the girls' tub toy is a lot of fun on the counter.  Which is fine, because it doesn't work in the tub...  He's such a cute kid :)


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  1. They are so cute!!

    I tagged you at my blog!http://ramblinamblins.wordpress.com/2009/01/14/tagged-7-bits-of-random-info-about-amblin/

    Amblin (RR)