Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ok, so I've been registered with Facebook for a little bit now and I've generally figured my way around in there... um... in my spare time LOL. I am amazed at how many of YOU have found ME there, so thanks to everyone that looked me up and added me as a friend!

I have a question now... I'd like the blogging and facebook worlds to collide. Wouldn't that be fun? You know, not having two different sites that are 'kept up' with info about our family happenings? After all, there's no possible way that I'd really keep them both up! I'll add photos there occasionally... but otherwise I'm not so sure what else I'd do there.

But today Christina sent me something asking me to approve that she's really the author of her blog. That got me thinking! Then it of course asks "do you have a blog" and yes... yes I do... It asked me to choose a few people to say I'm really the author of the blog, so I sent those requests out and all of a sudden I notice that my 'wall' says I've joined the "Cornish Adoption Journey Blog Network". Um... is that what I did? Ok, guess so. It says after a blog has 10 people 'following it' they'll do an RSS feed (I think) to Facebook.

Long story short(er) will this mean that people will be able to read my blog on facebook? How does that work? Anyone know?


  1. please dont leave the blog i am older and cant navigate facebbook
    rita from ga

  2. I have no idea how it works but will keep my eyes on your blog for when you find out! I would be interested to see how it works too; even though it's taking me a while to figure out a lot about how facebook really works. :)

  3. I agree with your other blogger - rita from ga. As you know, I too, am older and would like things to stay the same. Not doing facebook. Aubrey and Emily don't even do facebook. ( by choice)
    Love, Aunt Dottie

  4. Hmmm - good question! I have no idea how that works!
    I am technically challenged - and always seem to be the last person to figure stuff out! :)

  5. I do not like Facebook because it seems like everything all of a sudden happens and then you're part of something you may not want to be. My husband uses Facebook and he thinks it's the next cat's meow. I hate it and would prefer to blog on my own private site. Just my thoughts. not that they're worth anything. :)

  6. Well, that's what it sounds like to me! We could try it and see. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to get 10 people to "follow" it. I just added you as a friend :-)

  7. I wouldn't say facebook is ment to or will ever replace blogs - the two are very different! Blogs are used like a diary where people can leave comments whereas facebook is all about getting in touch with old friends and staying in touch with friends. Its like one big chat room with all your friends.

  8. Facebook seems very confusing to
    me and my teenagers refuse to answer any questions I have about
    it - they think I am invading
    their space. Stick to blogging
    for us old folks!!!!

  9. Meredith, you can get your blog to automatically post updates to facebook. Mine does, and it's very simple. I started back when it was still the old blogger, so I'm not 100% certain how it works now, but try this: Along the left hand side of your profile you should have a box labeled "notes" If you don't, go to the top of your profile and write a note and see if that adds the box to your profile. Once you have the note box on your profile, click on "see all" at the top right hand side of the box. Now you should see a small box to the right hand side labeled "note settings". Click on "edit import settings" You should then be able to add your blog address and it will automatically import as you add blog posts. Hopefully that works for you. I'm sure there's a way to get to note settings more directly, but I can't find it. . .

    (sorry I just posted an entire how-to in your comments section. I didn't think it would take so many steps)

  10. I was wondering what that was about, I got a thing like that also from someone else.

    I really don't like facebook and don't understand all that garden and poking going on!! lol But people really seem to like it.

    Are you one of my facebookfriends? I have no idea who all is on my list! lol

  11. I just signed up tonight. As of right now- I'm still confused!

  12. Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about Facebook...MySpace, yes; FaceBook, no =(