Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ok, ok, I did it...

I had to at least SEE what it is... after all... I had NO IDEA!

I joined Facebook... we shall see....

EDITED: Um... I've only been on Facebook for an HOUR (and actually only created an account then went to play cards with Mike) and I've gotten 34 e-mails. Is it always this heavy on e-mails?

Fill me in here... I get that I can follow people on facebook similar to how I follow them on blogs, etc... but what do I have to actually DO?

Edited again: Ok, so another 10 e-mails and I still have no idea what I'm doing 15 minutes later... I think maybe I'll stick to blogging?

And again: HAHAHAHAHA... dragged my husband in too... he registered as "Mike" instead of "Michael" for some reason tho... just in case you want to make him feel good and request him as a friend :))

Yep, again, this is easier than facebook: I think I'll stick to blogging for now, but I'll check in over there periodically. I told it to upload a few pic's of my kiddos (thanks Charissa ;) )... and it's been working on it for quite some time now... hmm... Ok, I promise I'll try again... another day.


  1. Oh boy!
    You WILL be addicted !!!! :)

  2. ooh, ooh, can I be your friend on facebook?

  3. I'm seconding what Amy said! It is addictive. I am there right now on another least I can multitask :)

  4. I joined to keep tabs on my kids! LOL It is pretty cool though. Look for a friend request from me!

  5. You can edit your personal settings to avoid so many emails!

  6. Yes, go to facebook, then go to Settings(to the right in between your name and logout)

    From there click on "notifications" the third tab over.

    If you change them all to "off" you will get no e-mails at all. Or you can just chose which times you get an e-mail.

    I advise you change everything to "off"

    Hit "save changes" at the bottom and you're done, no more e-mails.


  7. well welcome to facebook's world

    I love facebook, for finding people, and knowing what are people doing, people that I've not seen in years, if they get married, or have childs, or just if they went to x party lol, i love gossips, in there

    I can have contact with the people from the US I've met through church

    I can have contact with people I've met throught the internet in my fanson years lol

    I upload pics and people can be updated with us, and people love to see Elias' pics, so I dont have to write mails lol

    and dont talk about games...

    I dont use it much, and still some friends make jokes about how much i spend in there.. ha funny

  8. Facebook is a lot of fun, so hang in there! You will be amazed at how many people you will reconnect with. I use it more to leave little notes for helps me stay in contact with friends a little better.

  9. I just joined a few days ago too. I have to agree with takes no time at all to be addicted. I'm catching up with people I haven't talked to since I graduated college in 96. Very cool!