Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Year ago on Jan 21st...

Mike and I had our SDA appointment in Ukraine. This was where we received our official referral for "Sasha", who we thought would be come our "Aleksa Faith". This next 2 weeks are filled with dates that reflect the changes of a year. It's with joy but not without grieving that we are at the place we are today.

Here's what I wrote on our private blog about the appointment (at this point in the process we hadn't announced yet that we had plans to adopt two children, and I kept a private blog that addressed details that I didn't feel we could post publicly as well as info about our second child):

Our SDA appointment went well! At first there was a problem because they said that the place Aleksa is said to be doesn't exist. They have no record of it. But after asking us again and again why we think she is in a place like this we told her (Julie, our SDA translator) that we believe that information came from Vorzel. So the psychologist called Vorzel and sure enough she is in such a place. They did have her file and we were able to see a picture of her at about 2 yrs old or so. I could be wrong. It was a decent picture and definitely resembled her.

We did ask for a second referral at the same time and had just one boy and one girl to choose from. Mike and I had already talked extensively about who we would request and although there was no picture we decided to go with the boy. He is at a different orphanage from Aleksa but nearby. I was trying so hard to pay attention to the details that they were asking of us that I didn't catch his name, I don't have any idea what he looks like, but I do know that he turned 4 in September (2003). (((Added in: We later found out his name is Misha and he had a family committed to him through Reece's Rainbow. We later withdrew our plans to adopt him with hopes his future family would be there soon. Well, now- Jan 2009- that family is in country and Misha has been transferred. He's still available (we think) but his committed family could not split themselves between orphanages. Now there is a THIRD family coming for Misha that has an appointment at the end of February. Pray he comes home!!)))

So PRAY that they find where Aleksa is and that we get her referral paperwork tonight or tomorrow please!!

And that this little boy- whoever he is is our son.

And pray that wherever Aleksa is that she is alive. That is a very real situation right now. Oleg (facilitator) isn't sure if that's why he can't get information. If she's here still we will find her though.

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