Friday, January 30, 2009

It's almost 10:30

And all my children are in their PJ's watching cartoons. Well, the cartoons are ON anyway but Micah's more interested in the DVD case he got ahold of and Brianna is coloring on a piece of newspaper with a pencil- that has no point (it's new and hasn't been sharpened).

This morning around 7:15 Kristopher came in to our bedroom and let us know he wanted to play Leapster. So he settled in with his Leapster and it was another 20 minutes before we heard Brianna asking to get "UP UP". I went and got her, brought her to say good morning to Daddy, and she snuggled in for a few minutes then went to say 'hi' to Kristopher. He decided to take things into his own hands and they sat down at the kids' folding table in the dining room (I could see them from where I was laying) and K got out CheeseIts for breakfast :) The two sat and had a nice time all the while Kristopher prompting Brianna to say things like more, crackers, please, doggie (she visited too) and all done! Ok, so crackers aren't the most wonderful breakfast, but I enjoyed watching the two of them together :)

Eventually Micah woke up and started babbling so I got him and Emma up, everyone got clean diapers and a second chance at breakfast, and then on to playing and eventually cartoons.

I love days where we have ZERO plans during the day. Especially since today turned out to be cold and rainy!


  1. I do too! My son woke up an hour early today. What did he do? He played with his leapster! Today must be a leapster kind of day!

  2. That sounds like a great morning. It is days like those that I feel like a "real" stay-at-home mom. Usually we are so, so busy.