Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dumb Bird!

Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart while I had just Emma with me and when we were leaving I started to pull out of the parking spot I noticed this:


So, this bird, sitting on my windshield, didn't fly away!  The bird didn't look injured but it was tucked away and warm and didn't want to move!

I pulled over to a different part of the parking lot and still it sat there.  So I started driving, REALLY slowly, and it stayed.

Without anything else I was willing to do (I don't touch birds!) I started to drive home.  30mph, 40mph, 45 mph... I stuck with that speed and let everyone going 55-60mph just go around me.  The bird hung on!  Finally I slowed to turn in to my subdivision and the bird just disappeared.  I guess it decided to fly off...



  1. That is so funny! What is even funnier is that you had your camera to document the moment! LOL. I wonder why it didn't fly away when you got in the car?

  2. How bizarre is that! I wouldn't touch it either-I've heard they have lice and all sorts of other bugs.

  3. I wouldnt touch it either ..Nasty funny it stayed there

  4. Coming from an ornithologist and bird lover, it would have been perfectly safe to touch the bird and move it. Humans aren't going to get lice or mites from a bird, they are bird specific. It actually might have been injured. Some birds will fly into windows because they can't even see that they are there, and then the bird will need some time to recover. Maybe, if this ever happens again, if you have a tissue or towel you could just pick up the bird and put it in the grass somewhere. I'm not trying to sound preachy or reprimand you, so sorry if it comes across that way, but sometimes birds are given a bad rap for no reason.

  5. This happened to me at work last night. Same type of bird (pigeon)? I also drove slowly down 4 flights of parking structure before he went up my windshield to the roof. When I got out the structure I parked and checked the roof, but he was gone then. Very strange.

  6. I just had this happen to me yesterday. I drove slowly down 4 levels of parking garage. When I got to the bottom, he walked up my windshield to the roof. After I exited the parkings structure, I parked and got out, but he was gone. Very Very strange. He was really not gonna leave the windshield wiper.