Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A lazy day home

I got everything ready last night so the kids could go to school, but after Brianna spent half the night awake- just AWAKE... I decided the little guys really had no reason to go to school today and Kristopher is the only one that went. Everyone was feeling fine going to bed and Micah slept through the night, but with Brianna awake so much I just decided it's best to have a day at home. I would hate to send them to the church then find out that tonight they're not feeling well again and now they could have passed it on to more kids.

It's supposed to be rainy and cool today so I think we'll play in the playroom and maybe watch a movie this morning. Keep it low-key. Hopefully tomorrow everyone will still be feeling better and Brianna will go back to school.

Somehow Brianna was just AWAKE last night! I was up with her from 1-2, Mike got up with her from 3-3:30, then I was up again from 4-5 with her. The last time I just laid in her room on the floor next to her bed and asked her to be quiet and lay down. She had her milk cup and was apparently thirst but kept sitting up and yelling over to Emma :). Sisterly love... except Emma was sleeping, which I repeatedly pointed out. Around 5 she finally fell asleep, I put a towel over where her milk had dripped, and I wandered back to bed.

I don't generally have a day with no plans, no shuttling, no therapies, no... nothing... but today Emma is the only one with an appointment and that's here at the house from 2-3. Otherwise the etire day is free and clear. I wonder what that's like? :)

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