Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This morning I...
Got 3 kids up, fed, dressed (K does these things himself)
Made a loaf of bread in the breadmaker
Disassembled 2 cribs
Moved furniture in the girls' room (twice because the first way didn't work quite right)
Ran 5 loads of laundry
Fed 4 kids and 2 adults lunch
Changed 9 diapers
Changed Emma's clothes again (She keeps sucking/chewing on her shirts and stretching them out!)
Put 3 kids down to nap
Canceled 4 utilities at our house that we CLOSE ON TOMORROW!

And now...
The girls are back to sharing a room (no worries, Bria sleeps like a brick and Emma won't keep her up!)
Our bedroom is back to being OURS!


  1. Impressive! Now do you get a nap?

  2. Yay! You sold the house! I must have missed that... congrats and praise God!

  3. You had a very busy day. Hope you get some sleep tonight without Emma in there!

    Mom C

  4. i cant wait to see what the rooms look like all rearanged!

  5. Your very own bedroom with your very own personal space...hmm, what a concept! Our 2 year old still co-sleeps...And I am impressed at the 5 loads of laundry for sure! Go, Mama! And hope you get that well-earned rest tonight!!!

  6. I am SO SO SO excited for your house to sell.

  7. Go Kristopher for being able to take on those responsibilities alone. He's such a good kid. HOpe it all got settled for you. Love, Gma