Thursday, September 18, 2008


My mom tutors some kids and one of her students has a sister with CP. This family, a few months ago, got a new wheelchair for their daughter. The mom, not knowing me or having met my children, saved her daughter's old wheelchair for Emma! We finally met at the breakfast for parents of children with special needs with Nick and today I went to her house to see her wheelchair. I brought Emma and would you know... it will work GREAT! We need a few modifications, which of course won't be easy because we don't have medicaid and they don't take our insurance... but there's only really one thing that's a MUST have. That would be smaller wheels :) These are a bit dangerous for a tiny girl who likes the way they spin and wants to grab them :)

I was going to post a picture of E in her new chair, but as you can see below, she didn't want to cooperate...

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  1. Oh how wonderful! God definitely had his hand in this one. Hopefully the "tweeking" and specifications needed for Emma will come as smoothly. Take care!

  2. Great! I also see her glasses are on!Yeah

  3. How generous! I do hope the wheelchair can be modified as needed.

    Has Emma begun physical therapy yet? Physical and/or occupational therapists can be great in assessing just what sort of wheelchair is needed to help Emma achieve her potential...and would also know how to modify this very kind gift to fit her.

    Given Emma's CP diagnosis, it would seem to me that your insurance would surely cover physical therapy prescribed by her pediatrician, at least the initial assessment and perhaps short-term treatments that could later be continued at home. What does her pediatrician say about PT?

    BTW, I was delighted to see Emma sitting up on her own again - this little girl really wants to be up and involved!

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky

  4. How nice! Maybe a wheel chair place, or the company that made it, has "extra" wheels that they can give you or can give you for a reduced rate? Maybe an "exchange" for the wheels you have? I don't know HOW she can sleep with stuff in her mouth, the thought makes me gag...Yuck! She is a cutie pie though.

  5. love seeing her sitting up, she looks so much older and bigger that way! Perhaps you can install some soft padded straps to keep her upright when she falls over, so you can be out and about and she can keep looking sitting up despite being physcially tired. Love the glasses, too cute!
    love to see the progress...
    Amy O.