Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Mike's car A/C went out last weekend and he's been driving it for a week with no air. That isn't so bad except that it's been about 94 degrees here and when you've had the car closed up because rain comes without warning... it gets HOT inside. Today he brought it to the shop to get an estimate on fixing it. $1740. OUCH. The car's not even worth that much :( Because we know Emma's going to be getting a wheelchair... eventually... we need a different vehicle soon anyway. Now we have to decide whether to bite the bullet and buy a larger van now or fix the A/C in Mike's car. Not fixing it isn't an option if we keep it... Though it runs great, it's just not drivable regularly without air in Florida. Maybe we should put that $1740 toward a down payment instead? Ah... decisions decisions....


  1. I say put it toward a down payment. My husband fixes cars for a living and he would tell you the same thing if it was an older vehicle.

  2. I vote for down payment! But you already know that's because I want see that van!

  3. i would say fo to a payment also
    you will need the space and who knows mabie you can get some money for it to help!
    bigger is better! eheheh

  4. Oh Meredith! We have been there. Bob has been without air in his car since about January....He went allllll summer without air and it was miserable. He was so afraid to find out what was wrong and how much it was going to cost. He finally broke down and took it and we were much luckier than you all. It was only a connector which in total cost $114 but we were at the point where we decided to get a new car as well. We are so thankful it ended up being minor but feel your pain! Good luck making your decision, it's a hard one! If you do end up getting it fixed, we recommend Jobe's. They are super honest and do you right.


  5. I feel your pain...well, sorta. The A/C went out in my SUV last summer (it was re-charged the beginning of last summer) and I went most of this summer without it. thankfully we've had a cooler summer than normal so it wasn't that bad. While we aren't really in the market for a new car, we've been contemplating trading in the SUV for a more fuel-friendly vehicle. We decided to fix the A/C regardlees, because we know that as a trade in, no A/C will play a huge factor in what we get for it.

    I would say use the money for a down payment for the van, since it's going to happen soon anyways.

  6. obviously we can't say for sure what you should do as only you know your finances, etc., but i'd say use it towards the van you'll need. otherwise you'll be spending a lot of money to fix a car while still needing to buy the other one. you'll still have to pay that money later anyway if you choose not to get the van yet.

    just my opinion.

    - michelle

  7. Don't ya love car problems and car dealers? Uh, I dread them! I say use it for a down payment on a van. :)