Sunday, September 14, 2008

Micah's Birthday Party

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Micah ate two full bottles for dinner (21 oz!) so we didn't try the cake tonight.  Maybe tomorrow-- we saved it for him :)  The rest of us enjoyed burgers and cake though!  Kristopher helped blow out the candles, he's a great helper!  My camera takes too long between pictures though so no pic's of K helping, sorry!


And when the partying was over... both the little guys crashed out in Brianna's bed.  I moved Micah to his crib so he doesn't wake her when he fusses at night (and so he doesn't try to stand up and flip out over the bed rail!).  Aren't they just adorable though?  I can't imagine either of these guys without their playmate.  They are definitely buddies! Micah kept laying on Bria while they were in bed and she'd hug him then push him off.  Finally he fell asleep and she went to lay by him and fell asleep like this.  So sweet...



  1. Happy Birthday party day little guy! How big he's gotten! Not that skinny little boy any more! They are all so great looking! How blessed the kids are to have grandparents that love them so! Of course, Mommy and Daddy aren't too bad either. ;o)

  2. they are too cute! brianna looks SO grown up in those pictures!


  3. Happy Birthday! When is his birthday exactly? Dennis' is today!

  4. Happy Birthday Micah! What a cutie! The pics are great! Love the little buns in the air while they're sleeping!

  5. Happy Birthday, Micah!
    I love the picture of Micah and Brianna sleeping together!

  6. Looks like a fun party.
    B looks like a big girl reading her book, Emma's hair cut is cute, good job on that. And the pic of the 2 sleeping together is just priceless yeah, I think that is all of my comments on the pictures LOL