Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Cardio Visits!

We went to the cardio this morning for Micah's 6 month follow up and Emma's next 1 month (now 6 weeks out from surgery) visit.

Micah's doing great, his heart function is fine but still that thicker muscle. She wants to see him again in a year and thinks he'll be released at that time :)

Emma's Lasix had been dropped to once a day 2 weeks ago and we're having to up it a little bit (believe it or not this is the FIRST step backward she's taken at ALL since her OHS!) She'll be on 3 on one off :) morning- night -morning (not night). Should be fun to try and keep up with??? LOL

Emma is also OFF O2!~ I'm so happy! That means that after a week we can send the O2 supplies back and in about 2 weeks maybe we can move her back to HER BEDROOM! :) Not that I don't love having her close... but... It'll also be nice to sleep through the night without hearing her kick her mattress or getting up to put her O2 back on.

Just wanted to share my happy news :)

(by the way, they told us she'd likely always need O2 and that this was the "beginning" and she'd have it upped from here... huh, seems that she didn't listen.. AGAIN :) )


  1. Wonderful news about Emma...and Micah. I'll tell ya, that little Emma is just so full of surprises. And she's just so darned cute I wanna send her a virtual kiss on the cheek :) *smootch*

  2. awesome!

    i'm on lasix myself right now - was diagnosed at the end of june with a pseudo tumor around my brain... which basically means that there isn't an actual mass, "just" a ton of fluid building up for no reason creating so much pressure that my body is reacting as if i had a tumor simply because that's how much pressure it's creating. so i'm on it to try & help get those fluid levels down so i might not need double brain surgeries.

    sometimes when i'm just down about it all and tired of fighting all the effects and being at different appointments several times a week, i think about Emma. if she can keep fighting - and fighting things MUCH more serious than what i'm dealing with - i can fight too.

    and if God can heal Emma and prove every doctor wrong, He can do it with me too. i know He may choose not to for His own reason... but if that's the case, i know He will hold me through it all.

    YAY for Emma & YAY for the doctors being WRONG! :-D

    - michelle

  3. I am so glad to hear of a good appointment!