Monday, September 22, 2008

Nothing like poop in the tub

to get a Monday morning started off right! And just for fun, Brianna and Micah were BOTH in the tub and I was standing in the doorway on the phone getting a car insurance quote. So, two (now dirtier) little people out of the tub, Brianna on the toilet to FINISH her business, Micah crawling naked around the bathroom (hey, he can't get any dirtier, though I generally don't let the babies on the floor in the bathroom because I have a 4 yr old with not so perfect aim...) and I was draining the tub and fishing out poo pellets. Fun fun fun.

At least I hadn't had a shower yet because fishing poo out of the tub while feeling dirty and nasty myself already is MUCH better than knowing there's no way I'll get another shower during the day.

On the flip side, at least it was only 2 kids in the tub and I did get a good car insurance quote :)

I even called and have pre-approval for a loan. And that at a pretty decent rate as well. It's all good...

Did you know that State Farm (at least ours locally) no longer writes policies for vehicles of more than 10 passengers? I thought that was interesting. They did, however, give me the name and number of someone else to call and they were very kind and will call SF up to get all the particulars of our current coverage to transfer it to our new van. AND... only $30 more/6 months than our current coverage for the 1998 Taurus that we're selling :) I think we can handle $5/month!

So now, what are the odds that I can get my shower while everyone has lunch??



    I wonder if you would qualify as an active teacher. This company saved us nearly 50% over State Farm.

  2. Poop in the tub...UGH...been there done that to many times, guess I should say the kids have done that :) We have 15 pass. Ford E-350, and we have State Farm Insurance but we live in Tennessee. As far as getting the sets in and out it really is pretty easy. Good luck.

  3. Ooops, I said "sets" it should have read seats ;o