Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm happy to say

That my children slept unusually late this morning and at 7:15 Brianna was brought to my room for snuggles. Mike got K up and showered and out the door for school and turned on cartoons for Bria and I to watch in bed. Emma (in our room) soon woke up as well and then the girls played in the crib together while listening to Spinoza sing. Around 8:15 Brianna decided to stand in the crib (the mattress is raised) so we all transplanted to he family room. It's 8:45 and Micah's still sleeping. I've done all of NOTHING this morning including feeding anyone breakfast or getting anyone dressed (of course clean diapers weren't negotiable). I needed a day like this :) In an hour we're going to meet my mom at the library for story time and we pick Kristopher up at 12:25. That's ALL our plans outside the house for the day... which hopefully means we can tackle the things around the house that need to get done. Laundry, playroom, and making baby food would be the biggies :)

Have a blessed Wednesday!


  1. You deserve a morning to lay low or veg out. Some times the quiet times lead to the most productive days. It is good for the kids too. Some times they (eveyone needs)a day time away from therapies and structure. Have fun relaxing and enjoy the library. Take care!

  2. Hello, Your children are darling... May god bless you all. I am a adoptive mom of 3. My 2 boys are from Russia and my baby girl is from Central America... I would love your baby food recipes! They look so yummy for my daughter!! Please please email me

    I also have a webpage I would love to share with you! Hope to hear from you soon..