Saturday, September 13, 2008

The four muskateers...

Micah checking out the book we brought along for his hospital visit

001 002

Perky.... Not so perky... meds work QUICKLY!

004 005

Emma scooted herself up to the gate to lean on it so she could sit up!  She's done this with a few other things the past few days too including a dinosaur toy and a chair.  She's figured out if she scoots against something it supports her some :)  Now to find something that will give her that kind of support in a better way (and more mobile than the gate) so she will spend more time upright playing.  Brianna was SO PROUD of her too!

006 007

Hugs (above right) and kisses too!)

008 010

This handsome little man... He seems to be avoiding pictures lately, or so I thought, then I realized it's because he's at school 4 mornings a week so he's not actually AROUND when I have the camera out!  Check out the new haircut (pooh & tigger shirt)

012 013 014 015 016 017

These guys all got haircuts today too.  And I thought it was a great opportunity to take a pic of them all SITTING UP together, but then of course Micah started bawling when I left to go get the camera.  He's a bit sensitive today and I'm hoping it's from getting tubes yesterday.  Brianna's bangs need to be straightened out more tomorrow, but she had yogurt in her hair so I didn't dare try to "finish" them only to find out something was caked together.  Then with the gas running out... she still needs that bath and that final trim... And the back of Emma's hair got chopped pretty short, but she officially has a GIRL HAIRCUT instead of an attempt to make it not look chopped!  Her hair parts in the middle with bangs in front and goes down in a scoop to the back :)  It looks really cute when it's not all over the place (as it usually is because she rolls around on the floor a lot LOL).  It's the same cut I gave Brianna when we got home from Ukraine pretty much but some of Emma's hair on top is still growing out.  And we need to get rid of the bald spots in the back somehow too.. All in time...

018 019


  1. Wow, Emma is doing so well I am so happy for her.

    Loved all the pics.

  2. Love the pictures! They are getting so big! I love seeing Emma's independence!! You guys are awesome!

  3. I especially love the pictures of the sisters! Emma looks wonderful, as well. It is great to see her sitting up and making strides.

  4. Great picts. Emma sure looks real good. I noticed a huge difference right after William has his heart surgery, did you with B (more mobile, wanting to get around)? Maybe it is easier for E to get around and sit up since the surgery.

  5. They are absolutely ADORABLE :D

    maybe you can get some of those cushions, lay them around the living room, you know the one like an upside down V that kids lean against to play video games? Then show her that she can roll over to them and lean back against them. If you can find them, making a couple would be very easy out of foam and cheap material, put something heavy at he bottom for stability. Also, consider placing her on all fours-holding her up so she has weight on her hands and weight on her knees and hold her by her bottom, then after she gets stable, rock her back and forth gently to get her started for a bear crawl forward. This is what we did with my little guy when he was so weak.
    Amy O.