Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Brianna seems to be feeling much better, thank God! She drank some juice and had wheat thins for breakfast. Micah got up at 5:30 and my sweet husband got him back to sleep until 6:30. Emma woke up in a PUDDLE. Maybe it's time for those bigger diapers on her? She's still so tiny but man can she um... leak :) Kristopher is at school and got a special lunch packed for him. I bet he's enjoying that. Right now, actually... they eat at 10am! (and then he eats the rest when he gets home at 12:30 lol)

This morning all 3 little ones got baths, Micah got a second bottle, and EMMA ATE 4 OZ OF BABY FOOD OFF A SPOON! Not without a little convincing, but she swallowed, only gagged once, and didn't even complain all that much! Now I'm working on getting shoes on everyone and dry diapers so we can disappear to Wal-Mart for a few hours and grocery shop/shop for our trip. I kept the two little ones out of KAD today because they hadn't been feeling well and we don't want to spread the wealth ;) That does make shopping a little more... um... interesting though!

This afternoon I HOPE to get some of our things packed for our trip, I can't believe we leave in 4 days! I love getting away with family for a time and changing up our routines a bit. I know that the kids will be a little "off" from sleeping different places and not necessarily getting great naps and such, but I really look forward to having this time all together to hang out. Plus, we'll get to meet some new people along the way! More on our trip later, off to grocery shop!


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  2. Hey - is Emma still on the Lasix? Without too much information, I'm on it right now and if I couldn't go use the restroom frequently, no size diaper would matter. I'm not sure what to suggest though... :-(

    I saw your kids on the CNN website too! I was like "I 'KNOW' these people!" and showed my parents. Great story, too - so encouraging!

    - michelle

  3. Wow, you manage to do so much, Meredith. I have a crazy enough time trying to get one toddler ready to go anywhere (and will frequently give up in favor of just staying in sometimes!), let alone 4! And taking a trip--I'm very impressed.

  4. WOW!!! I'm so excited about Emma eating! WOOHOO!!
    And did you ever hear of a diaper doubler? I tried to find a link on line but everything is for cloth diapers. I know they make them for disposables.

  5. I have had kids who leak like that at night and I double diapered them. I used the current size diaper and then put the next size up over that one. Yoy can even use the store brand for the outside diaper as it is just a back up and does not matter so much.