Friday, September 26, 2008


Hite Family said... So Im interested in the Melatonin for sleep. Not for Ashlie though but for Taydem. This child doesnt require that much sleep and she honestly needs it but for some reason doesnt fall asleep. She will fall asleep around 11 every night and up and down throughout the night and than up for good by 7. I put the kids to bed around 8 every night to wind down but how does this Melatonin work and where can I get it?
I bought ours at GNC. I have 1mg caplets and I break them into about 4-6 little pieces. I don't use them all the time but whenever Kristopher or Emma has a hard time getting to sleep they work wonders. It works backward for Micah and I though!

Lou said... You've got me curious about the food--- did you cook the raisins? Do you cook the grapes? Then blenderize them? I may need this info...

I don't cook the raisins. I did find out that if you don't add enough water that they somewhat solidify into a pudding-like texture when they rehydrate though :) So maybe I'll soak them next time! I also don't cook the grapes... or bananas... or pears... And I don't HAVE to cook the apples but they seem a bit smoother texture if I do, so I have been.

Mommyto2 said... We live in Nashville, let us know when you are going to be in town and maybe we can meet up one day. Sarah and Micah are the same age. Sarah is about 2 weeks older. She is adopted also. We could probably get Renee Garcia to meet us also. Let me know. Robyn

I'd love to meet you! We'll only be there a few days but we'll see if we get get a little meet-up. I'd love to meet Renee too. I know she's having computer trouble right now but if anyone in those parts wants to get together one day that'd be great! (Just don't make it nap time LOL).

Shelley said... Pictures???? Where are the pictures???? You know that I am anxiously awaiting the pictures of your BUS!!!!!!
I'm getting there!! Sorry, the pic below is actually our van but I hadn't taken any pics of it with the kids and all. I took a few tonight which I'll try to post in a few :)

Stephanie said... Congrats! I'd love to see some pictures. I don't know how it works for other families, but whenever we get a new vehicle we mysteriously end up with a new baby! Enjoy your bus.

Pictures are coming! We got the babies FIRST :) :)

Kerry Shealy said... Okay, so when are you coming to pick up my kids??? Just kidding! I look forward to seeing your bus! Just think of how many kids you can have now!!!

I'll be there as soon as everyone's back to feeling good! And the kids.. you been talking to Stephanie??

Kerry Shealy said... It was great to see Brianna stand up and walk! I love your kids! My kids love your kids! By the way, Lauren asked if we could watch a girl next time. She had a lot of fun with Micah, but she wants one of the girls next time! She still wants to have a princess get well party for Emma, too, so maybe when my kids are well, and your kids are well...well, I don't know when that will be, but in the future we want to have a little party for Emma! LOL!

How about Halloween?? Our girls can all dress as princesses and our boys as... whatever... and they can play for the morning :) We can make up some snacks and sandwiches then go our separate ways for naps? Think on it, we'll be a bit out of pocket until after the 25th (Buddy walk) though! Sounds fun Lauren!

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