Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy birthday little man!

We'll be celebrating with grandparents on Sunday, but here's some pic's from the little man's REAL birthday!

Doesn't he look like he's about to bust out crying?


Then a smile... and....                                BAM, there it is... WHY?? No idea.

He's taking this "turning two" thing wayyyy too seriously...

031 032

So I commandeered Mike to make little boy happy so I could get some better birthday pic's :)

Here he decided to learn to clap... TODAY! Yay big guy!

036037 039

Showing off those standing skills... but still a bit wobbly lol

040 043 044

The million dollar smile, this kiddo is such a sweetie!

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And... well, this was after he caught up with the dog from behind... unfortunately.  He did get a bath tonight (after) though...

056 058 060 063  066 069 073

We celebrated Micah's birthday with icecream tonight.  Micah got his in a bottle... (after we WARMED it... LOL)  He sat with Mike while he finished up his and a few times looked kind of interested in it.  So Mike started to give him some...

Of course he looks like he's reaching for Mikes's ice cream.  In reality he knew it was coming to him and he was pushing it away LOL!

079 081


  1. Happy Birthday, Micah! I can't believe how much he's grown up since coming home!

    (You have a dog, too?!?!? How do you do it?)

  2. Glad you had a nice afternoon for his b-day. He looks precious, hopefully the other birthdays won't be taken so bad for him LOL The pics with his big sisters are so sweet.

  3. Happy Birthday Micah!!! I am so very happy that you are spending today with a family who truely does celebrate your birth.
    Now mom, enjoy those terrible two's!!!

  4. Micah is adorable. Happy Birthday!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Micah! You're such a big boy!

  6. Happy Birthday, Micah!!!, you are a beautiful baby :)). God Bless you sweet angel ~

  7. Oh he is just too adorable. I love the picutre of him standing with a HUGE smile on his face!!!

    Happy Birthday Little Man!

  8. awww Micah! happy birthday
    im glad u had a good time!
    thos kids have come such a long way!!!
    this post made my day!

  9. He looks huge! Totally different then his baby pics, what big boy! He will be one heck of a fella when he grows up, just handsome and cute as can be. Watch out -football stud!

  10. Happy Birthday to the cutest baby in Florida :o) Meredith, he is adorable! Happy Birthday, Buddy!

    Auntie Michelle (RR)

  11. He looks like a totally different child! He really has filled out nicely and gotten so strong! Beautiful!