Friday, September 19, 2008


Anonymous said... if she can handle that much cotton in her mouth, could she handle some more toddler like food, like some slippery pasta (butter it up good for maximum slippage) without it being completely blended up? I know these kiddos have a hard time swallowing but I
would think this would be a good sign.

Unfortunately, though she handles STUFF in her mouth, she doesn't have the control with her tongue to move food around or the ability- right now- to get anything down (she gags).  She does tolerate brushing her teeth, the inside of her mouth, and chewing on fabric...  We start ST soon I think and I know that will be beneficial!


For children with visual impairments our vision therapist recommends covering the underside of trays with black contact paper. This cuts down on visual distraction (the floor, child’s legs, etc.) and allows the child to visually focus on the toys on their tray.
Taya - EC PreK Teacher

Wonderful to know!  Thank you!


Anonymous said... Will you be doing PT & OT with her to TRY and get her to eventually walk? I'd hate to see her "stuck" in a wheelchair - or is this just for school?

We will be doing PT and ST and yes, we'll be trying to get her to walk.  We have the wheelchair for upright play, therapy, and school as well as general transportation so she can see the world :)  Also, she needs proper positioning to learn to be upright and this will help provide that as well.


Susan said... How generous! I do hope the wheelchair can be modified as needed.
Has Emma begun physical therapy yet? Physical and/or occupational therapists can be great in assessing just what sort of wheelchair is needed to help Emma achieve her potential...and would also know how to modify this very kind gift to fit her.
Given Emma's CP diagnosis, it would seem to me that your insurance would surely cover physical therapy prescribed by her pediatrician, at least the initial assessment and perhaps short-term treatments that could later be continued at home. What does her pediatrician say about PT?
BTW, I was delighted to see Emma sitting up on her own again - this little girl really wants to be up and involved!

We will be having a PT eval probably next week and maybe ST at the same time.  I just talked to our PT today and she said she'd make sure that it's set up well for Emma and has experience in that :)


Erika said... Impressive! Now do you get a nap? 

Kathy said... Wow. tired much?

NO and YES LOL  I would LOVE a nap most days, or to just sleep through the night would be good, so yes, I am tired a lot.  But... that's why God created Coca~Cola :)


Leah said... Just curious if you've tried the Melatonin with Michah to break his funky sleep cycle. Bet you'd only need it for a few days!

Yes, we use it with the girls sometimes (Emma often) but it somehow doesn't work for Micah.  He gets really irritable and restless when we've given it to him in the past.


Mer- Didn't I teach you that saying when you interned! LOL I know we experienced this!!!!! :) Yeah for K's great listening skills!!! I love Mrs. L!! :) T.G.

I hadn't heard it this way!  Can I blame it on being pregnant when I was interning?? :)  I'm so glad it looks like the kids will be at your school next year though!  ALL FOUR!




Christine said... Hmmm, do that curve around the ears? (glasses)
Yes, they do, but he's little muscle man and pulls them off anyway :)


narretto said... Great picts. Emma sure looks real good. I noticed a huge difference right after William has his heart surgery, did you with B (more mobile, wanting to get around)? Maybe it is easier for E to get around and sit up since the surgery.

Yes, I think that's made a HUGE difference for her!  She's doing great now that her heart is working!


Shelley said... What was that you said about your life getting boring??????

HAHAHA... yeah, I know... not happening, is it?


  1. So Im interested in the Melatonin for sleep. Not for Ashlie though but for Taydem. This child doesnt require that much sleep and she honestly needs it but for some reason doesnt fall asleep. She will fall asleep around 11 every night and up and down throughout the night and than up for good by 7. I put the kids to bed around 8 every night to wind down but how does this Melatonin work and where can I get it?

  2. I'm answering the before post as we got it at Walgreens and it is natural in turkey? and other sleepy foods. Meredith's mom

  3. I have tried Melatonin for myself and had the same reaction as Micah. I was honestly sooooooo pissed off and just tossed and turned and got even more angry. One night was enough to know that wasnt for me!