Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If you promise not to believe him, I will too!

This may sound weird, but that was said to us during my son's open house the day before he started pre-k. There was a little more to it... It went like this:

"If you promise not to believe everything your son says about ME, I promise I won't believe everything he says about YOU."

At first I thought- WHAT? I WANT to believe my son!

But today I got the first glimpse of what she was talking about...

"Mom, my teacher says..." Yes, that's how it always begins, right? And on the teacher's side it goes "Teacher, my mom says..."

Today? "Mom, my teacher says that God doesn't like races and it's bad to race so we can't race to eat all my food faster" (our way of getting him to eat more than 1 bite in 20 minutes... and to quit TALKING! LOL).

Ok, Mrs. L... I promise :)


  1. Oh my! This is funny! As a teacher, I have often wanted to say that very thing to parents, but never did! Hopefully they figured it out!

    Thanks for sharing! Christina

  2. Mer- Didn't I teach you that saying when you interned! LOL I know we experienced this!!!!! :) Yeah for K's great listening skills!!! I love Mrs. L!!

    :) T.G.

  3. As a teacher, and after I've gotten to know my families in my classroom, I have said this before, lol...you hate to say it, but it's the truth!!