Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sharing our story

Again... here I go LOL. iReport: Life with Down syndrome

GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has an infant son with Down syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that causes a variety of birth defects including mild to severe intellectual disabilities.

Is your life touched by Down syndrome? Are you rearing a child with Down syndrome? Are you an adult with Down syndrome and living on your own? Share your experience. Your story could be on CNN.

I'm not going for CNN, but I did share our story here for others to see. Feel free to take a look and share your own as well! Life with Down syndrome

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  1. That was nice Meredith. Did you see that someone commented on what you wrote? She is interested in adopting a child with DS, so I figured if you hadn't seen it, you would probably want to know since I thought you would probably be more than happy to answer her questions!