Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miscellaneous stuff

Don't argue with your mother. You won't win!

Tonight I was talking to my mom and our conversation went like this

"The Taurus Mike drives (we traded cars with them about 2 1/2 yrs ago) we bought at the same place you're buying your van from but the name changed."

"Oh, Gator Ford?"

"No, the name is Black, something Black."

"But it says "Gator Ford" on the trunk"

"No, it says Black, it's not Gator"

"I've ALWAYS identified dad's car (now Mike's car) as the white Taurus that says "Gator Ford" on the trunk, seriously, it says "Gator Ford"."

The conversation went on like this for a few minutes and even Mike and Dad were in on it- us insisting it says GATOR and them saying no, it's BLACK.

Easy solution, the car is in my driveway. Remember, this is a 1998 vehicle. It has been owned by my father and then my husband since late 1997. It was bought new. I have been looking at this vehicle for 10 years, as have my parents. And yet we both were very sure about what is written on the trunk...


My mom made me say "I'm sorry Mom, You were right, I was wrong!" LOL Look at that- GALON BLACK FORD... well, I'll eat crow again! (yes, I know it needs a bath!)

(ps, look again, it doesn't say GATOR... it says GALON... but thanks to the poster that says we were both right! LOL But no, I was wrong... I admit it!)


Stealing from babies

Tonight I am making baby food for the week. We had NOTHING left in the cabinets or refrigerator or freezer... which is always good to do occasionally so nothing goes bad, but this time it was just that I hadn't gotten to the grocery store in too long. So I went tonight and now I'm cooking up all the good stuff for little people to eat this week.

Unfortunately, because Mike took a nap, then I took a nap, it was about 5pm by the time I left for the store and I missed eating dinner with the family (frozen chicken nuggets- cooked of course- because that's one thing that I won't EVER let run out ;) ).

So I got home and it was bed time when I finished putting away the groceries. Bottles, pajamas, teeth brushed, stories read... bed. By 8:30 I was not only tired, I was HUNGRY! So when I started making the baby food... well, there WAS more zucchini than would fit in the quart sized container... and it was REALLY good! I snatched some zucchini here, some grapes there, now I have broccoli and cauliflower cooking and I'll do the apples, carrots and potatoes tomorrow. I've made 3 1/2 quarts so far, the half quart is raisins (with hen there's a quart each of bananas, grapes/yogurt, and zucchini. I'll have a good quart of broccoli and one of cauliflower before the end of the night and another quart each of potatoes with cheese, carrots and cinnamon apples tomorrow sometime. Yes, that's 8 1/2 quarts and it'll last about a week. I hope! :)

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Tonight Kristopher came about about 10,000 times to tell us about a bruise he needed to check for, a question about something, Micah's standing, etc... There comes a time when you say "GO TO BED!" and they just HAVE to stay there! But that didn't end with Kristopher.

Tonight Emma tried it out too. She's in there giggling, playing with a toy, banging her foot (which I need to put the mesh guard on her crib since she moved cribs) on the bottom of the crib by dangling her leg out... She's LOUD! So I finally gave her some Melatonin at 9:30 after waiting since 8:15 for her to go to sleep on her own. She's taking lessons from Kristopher on how to keep yourself awake!


  1. Well technically you were both right! It said what you thought and what she thought so you both win!

  2. LOL, too funny about the car!
    You've got me curious about the food--- did you cook the raisins? Do you cook the grapes? Then blenderize them? I may need this info...

  3. Wow all this homemade babyfood is amazing!!