Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I got home from being out and my answering machine is full. Yes, mostly old messages. But instead of saying "3" new, it just says "FULL". So I hit play and listened to one message, stopped it, called them back, went back again and hit play and now... I don't know if that was the new message or an old one! Anyway... it was from the doctor's and so I needed to talk with them anyway and called it back.

The person I need to talk with isn't there (surprised? me either...) but the person at the desk... yes, surprised again! took my question. Emma has a "nutrition clinic" scheduled Oct 7th, we'll be out of town, I need to cancel and reschedule. Except that the desk person doesn't have Emma on that clinic. Weird... I might NOT write something on the calendar when I should, but I generally don't write something that's not been scheduled...

She transfers me over to someone else and that person (I know, I was in SHOCK at this point) was not only at their desk, but again could help me! So she said that Emma wasn't supposed to be scheduled with nutrition. They found out that the nutrition clinics are only for kids who are OVERWEIGHT and Emma is way under, so it wasn't an appropriate clinic for that. Ok... so instead they'll schedule her for a GI clinic to figure out her dietary needs. HUH?? But ok, if you insist, we'll see GI.

So her GI appointment is in MARCH. Again... WHAT? How is that going to help my 22lb 5 yr old for the next 6 months?

At this point I add in that we've waited 6 months already for Micah to see GI (reflux issues) and that his problems are MUCH better but he does still spit up more than a 2 yr old should. Ok, so we see GI for Micah on Oct 21st... Can't they be seen together?

No, Emma's a new patient and he only sees... WAIT... MICAH is a new patient too! He's not been seen yet and we scheduled this 6 months ago. Surely they can take her too on the same day.

After a LOT of thought, suddenly Emma can be seen on October 21st at 11:15 (Micah's is at 11 and Emma sees the Ortho at the same office at 2:30). Amazing. Magical. Convenient... WoW! But... also a bit confusing. Why is it that since I'll be there anyway with Micah all the sudden they can fit Emma in too? What about the Neurologist? I'm still told she can't see him until APRIL! That's another 7 months from now! Good thing we think that the brain issues are "old" but still... I'd like to know that there's nothing active.

So, they are confusing in their scheduling. This time it worked to my benefit, getting Emma in sooner, but still... Um... Where's the logic??


  1. Isn't that just amazing?!?!LOL by the way I still can't get the darn button to show up on my blog, I have tried and tried, I missed that transition in school with the computer era (haha)

  2. Sometimes, I use that tactic to get what I want. I know it's not exactly being honest, but I have had the same thing happen a few times with specialists also. And knowing my kid could suffer for months was never acceptable to me! There's no logic to it! Just ridiculousness (is that a word?)!

  3. Well, I am confused here in TX, too!! I have the same issues sometimes. Occasionally it does help to call back another day and get a different person....or sometimes the same person on a better day ;-)
    We have finally been able to get 2 kids scheduled for the same surgery, the same day!!

    Blessings for a better day....