Sunday, September 28, 2008

The sick house...

Micah's been on his way to being sick for a little while now. Of course the ear infection, but he now has a barking cough to go along with it and a good congestion. It's been back to the nebulizer for him so it doesn't settle in to his chest. He's gone from fine to pneumonia before pretty quickly and we'd better be safe than sorry...

But, to add on to that... Brianna started throwing up around 6 last night. She tossed cookies twice, then 20 min later a few more times. I called Mike to come home, he and K were at church and it was a visiting missionary speaking so we knew it would go long. I had stayed home with all the little ones because Micah wasn't feeling well and Brianna had a little runny nose too. Glad I did!

When Bria first came up to me I thought she needed to go potty so I picked her up and started going that direction. I got to the baby gate and she let it go... all over the gate. Luckily she'd just had a bath and I hadn't drained the tub even. She had been playing in just her diaper so off came the diaper and in she went to the tub. It was even warm still! She played a minute while I cleaned the floor, but it was ALL OVER the gate and under it too. That's why I ended up calling Mike to come home- to take the gate down and clean it up and help get the other two kids in bed without getting them in the midst of her puking.

Micah had fallen asleep in the highchair but still needed pj's too, and Emma was playing on the floor. We got everyone in bed except Brianna- she slept until about 11 in a little rocking chair that tips back. Then we pulled our extra crib mattress out of the living room and put sheets on it. We put it up against the couch with an ottoman at one end and pillows on the other two sides. She slept there and Mike slept on the couch. I'd been up for 3 hours in the middle of the night the previous night with Micah and Mike had gotten a good 2 hour nap yesterday so he took the night shift last night.

Of course Micah wanted his share of attention too and was up from 12-1 and then up for the day at 6:30. I just have to remind myself that when everyone's healthy they DO SLEEP and one day we will too!


  1. Hope you guys all feel better soon! We have a cold running through our house now, too, so I can't imagine what it's like at your house!

  2. We're in the same boat! Puking from coughing, though, not a virus. But, I was at the ped's office with Franklin on Friday and they said that vomiting and diarrhea are going around really bad right now, along with complications from colds (ear infections, pneumonia, strep). I'll be praying that you are able to keep everyone else well.