Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm an SOOOOOOOOooooo not a happy camper

Our gas is out! You know, when you have a busy family you do certain things to make life easier and less things for you to remember. One of those is auto bill pay which remarkably stung me last week. That was also dealing with a gas company, but for our house that we don't live in. Another thing that I suppose I've taken for granted is the auto-refill on our propane tanks. We live in unincorporated "county" so we have our own tanks on the side of the house instead of a line run in and billed monthly.

We have two tanks- one for the house one for the jacuzzi (and pool but we've never actually heated the whole pool). I was cooking baby food, blending my little heart out when I noticed that the apples weren't boiling. Neither was the steamer pot. Both burners were out but the knobs were still on. My carrots were pretty much done anyway so I turned the burners to "off" and was afraid that gas has been leaking so I turned the fan on high and waited a few minutes before attempting the burners again. I tried. No go. Mike checked the tank and sure enough we are OUT of gas for the house tank!

In January I called these guys because I noticed we hadn't had a visit from them in a long time and was concerned that they had gotten pretty low and I didn't want to run out. The lady I talked with said "wow, that's odd, you're on auto refill" and then scheduled someone to come out. Today I talked to just their answering service and a tech just called me back. He's going to come up and hook the pool tank up to the house temporarily until Monday or so. He wants that tank emptied so he can switch it out since it has a rust spot anyway. Not sure how temporary that makes it? And what about the pool? Ah, well... at least I can cook and finish drying the clothes that are currently in the dryer (rumbling around with no point so I turned it off) and those in the washer, and we can have hot showers, which is a bonus! :)

So much for "it's automatic, one less thing for me to worry about..."


  1. We have an outside propane tank, 500 gallons. We bought a "prebuy" for the winter, so we buy 1500 gallons of propane at a set price. However, the prebuy price doesn't apply until September. So what does the gas company do? Fills up our tank the last week of AUGUST -- 400 gallons at over a dollar a gallon more than we would have paid if they waited another week. GRRRR.

  2. What was that you said about your life getting boring??????

  3. Just get you some sticks and start a fire and cook outside!! lol

    I can remember the first place I ever lived in after I moved out of my parents, running out of propane!

  4. The company we use is SUPPOSE to give you $100 if you run out of gas and are on auto-fill.