Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pictures from the past few days

When you can't find something good to lean on... Why not a brother?  And see Emma CLAPPING??  New trick! YAY!  This (all of these actually) was taken after bath without brushing E's hair LOL

001 002

I was taking this picture of the two of them sharing a book together... but Emma threw the book just as I took the picture!  She doesn't share so good yet  :)


My Kristopher was dodging the camera for a while there... Now he's much happier about getting his picture taken.   But sometimes gets a LITTLE CLOSE!

003   008

More pic's of the kids playing, Emma gets tired sitting up pretty quickly still but is doing SO MUCH better!  Then she went in for the attack.  She really wants to play and interact with Brianna and Micah lately (just in time for them to both get sick and me try to keep them APART! LOL)

005 009

Micah likes anything he can throw or bat.  This little "rock" is the perfect size for a pretty decent pitch!  And Kristopher likes giving the little guys hugs :)

010 011

Since Emma wants to be upright but still is lacking that basic neck strength, she comes up with some pretty creative ways to do what she wants.  For instance... this table as a chin rest?  And this morning Kristopher went in to the girls' room and closed the door.  Often this means he's into mischief :)  But this time, he'd gotten Emma a pillow and wrapped her up in his blanket while she was playing with the dollhouse toys!  What a sweet big brother he is!

012 013 

Another "propping up the noggin" pic and Brianna, hopefully feeling better, this morning.


Brianna LOVES GROOVY GIRLS!  I bought one on clearance for Emma because they're similar to the HUGE ones in her bed and I wanted a more 'travel friendly' toy.  Well... Brianna has taken it over :)  Emma has really taken to a few other things, so it's ok.  We now have three- two girls and a boy- and they travel around the house pretty frequently.  Also, I found these big bins at Lowe's the other night.  We were there to pick up a tool to finish the adjustments on the wheelchair and these bins were on clearance for $2.50 each :)  In this pic they look almost round, but they're oblong and hold a LOT of stuff!  We bought 4- the other one is blue- and my family room no longer has a PILE of toys :)

015   022

You know you've got a few kids when...  This is the mantle (directly above the fireplace in the picture above).  Kristopher got in trouble for using Wal-Mart bags to individually bag his toys about a week ago.  After he'd been told that wasn't a safe thing to have with the little ones, he didn't put the things away.  The consequence for this was that all of the things still in bags at the end of a set period of time became MINE.  They now decorate my once-snowman-covered mantle (um... hadn't touched it since I was in Ukraine!).  I'm slowly giving him back a toy at a time.  Oh, and the penguin is Micah's nebulizer.  Weird, isn't it? (Michael took the picture that's hanging there- I had it printed on canvas for Father's Day a year or two ago.  Love the detail :) )


How much mess can a 5 yr old little girl make in about 20 minutes left to her own?  PLENTY!  And when I went to check on her (I'd been in there previously to check too...) where do I find her?  Not playing with ANY of the toys, but instead with the quilt rack that's being stored under her crib. 

026 027


  1. I hope everyone at your house is feeling better soon.

    Emma continues to amaze me! She's really looking like such a big girl.

  2. It's so good to see Emma growing stronger, sitting up more, and demonstrating such curiosity and interacting with her siblings so well.

    I hope Brianna and Micah feel much better soon - and that Emma and Kristopher stay well and don't catch the "bugs"!

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky