Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things I haven't done and need to

  • Clean the mouse cage
  • Find the release forms for the school system to evaluate Emma for PT/OT and mail them in (found, stamped, ready to mail!)
  • Mail the paperwork to the senator asking for help getting Medicaid approved
  • Call the Medicaid office to find out what I need to do next
  • Fold laundry
  • Vacuum living room (done!)
  • Mail scrapbook pages to Joy- she won them and I forgot to get an envelope.. AGAIN!
  • Go through medical bills and figure out what needs to be paid and what doesn't based on insurance and the possibility of still getting Medicaid
  • Clean shampooer (just got from garage sale) and shampoo family room
  • Clean porch (playroom) AGAIN
  • Straighten up our bedroom now that the crib is gone
  • Get the borrowed crib back to Angie (THANKS by the way :) )
  • Call for insurance info on 12 passenger van (done!)
  • Call for auto loan (done!)
  • Backup photos and documents on external hard drive (done!)
  • Call insurance for covered pediatric neurologist
  • Adjust E's wheelchair based on PT recommendations
Need to do soon:
  • Go through the boys' closets and dressers to find out what fits and doesn't fit
  • Put all the movies back in their cases instead of the 2" stack next to the DVD player
  • Start planning for our vacation in 2 weeks!
Would really LIKE to do:
  • Finish my book I've been reading for a month
  • Make a montage that tells our family's story to share
  • Get the side yard fixed up some so we can play outside more often since it's getting cooler out

What's already on tomorrow's agenda: (done!)
  • Kristopher preschool, pick up at 12:15 (Mike will get him up and going and drop him off)
  • 3 little ones need baths
  • Emma has school from 2-3
  • Figure out whether anyone needs to go to the dr for their runny noses/congestion they started on Friday (E, B and M)
  • The usual... bottles, breakfast, dishes, clothes, diapers, lunches, diapers, bottles, naps, bottles, diapers, dinners, books, snacks, bottles, diapers, bed...
  • Online scheduled Chat with adoptive parents from RR at 8:30pm
  • Mike has class so he'll be home from 4-5 pm then head for Orlando
  • Finish making babyfood


  1. You know I LOVE forgot to put: "tell McKenna to stop adding more things to my list by asking a million and one questions about adoption" on your list. Have a fun and busy Monday! I'm off to tackle my list...

  2. Move that backup of the computer way up the list so you don't get caught like Renee (My Special K's)

    The kids are so cute! I enjoy following their progress.