Friday, September 12, 2008

He did great :)

We are home and the kids are farmed out to grandmas. I'm going to go take a much needed NAP since I got less than 5 hours sleep last night. Thanks for all the prayers for our little man!

They said his ears had such a thick fluid it was almost like a wax consistency and the ABR preliminarily seems to be testing toward the normal range of hearing. They've got to compile the numbers but that's good to hear! Hopefully the tubes will minimize the gunk in the ears and he'll be hearing well for a long time!

Off to BED!


  1. So glad everything went well and hopefully the gunk will stay out of his ears!

  2. Glad to have that over with, I'll bet. Have a nice nap - a little jealous over here.

  3. Thanks for the update! So glad to hear your little man is doing well. Sleep well....


  4. Now you know he's just ignoring you when you tell him no ;)
    I'm glad everything went well. A quick trip to the hopital and back...that has to be a record for you, right?

  5. ohhhh boyyyyy!! In no time you will have one walking and talking kiddo, he will love to hear himself! What a cutie pie. So glad he has dedicated mom!!

  6. So glad he is ok. I bet it will make a world of difference for your little guy! :)

  7. Our son Ben had tubes put in when he was four. He had chronic ear infections for many years. He was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip. When they put the tubes in the doctor had to scoop the goop out before putting the tubes in. He had to have them replaced when he was six, but not since then. He is now nearly 11. When my husband brought him home from the hospital, they had lunch in our dining room. Ben heard a truck drive by and asked what the sound was. He was amazed at the sounds he had never "heard" before.

    Glad Micah is well! He is so precious!