Friday, September 26, 2008

The Cornish Bus

Ok, so I pulled the camera out twice today.  Once after grocery shopping and the next time at Lowe's when Mike was getting the stroller out of the car.  Here's the new wheels...


The wheelchair (see the tiny wheels??) fits standing up but then we have to lock the wheels, laying it down is just as easy so it doesn't roll.


I went to Wal-Mart with just Micah and Emma after a dr's appt for Micah (got some antibiotic drops for that ear infection at the ENT today...)


Kristopher had this flier to keep the sun out of his face while we were driving.  He likes to tuck his legs up into his chair LOL


Reading the ads to us... and shading his face :)


The crew... well, you can't see Brianna but she's next to Emma.  She likes to 'knock' on the window next to her and talk to the people outside! LOL


Opened up- see how LONG it is? we were pulled all the way up to the sign...


Getting the "monster" out of the trunk


The Driver's side, with a BRIGHT sunset...



  1. I selected your blog for an award, see my blog to participate.

  2. Very nice! My 3 year old has the same seat as Kristopher. Your van looks so clean!! and it is long but think of all that space!

  3. Emma does the same cute little thing with her fingers that Brianna does with hers! They both suck on their first two fingers - how cute is that!!!! I've just noticed that in pictures of Brianna, and then of the one of Emma this morning :o)