Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Beauty and Bath Time-- and a Q at the end...

There are so many little things I love about each of my children.  Tonight I got Emma ready for a bath after wearing her nighttime bottle and decided it was a great opportunity in her little shy mood she was trying to play off to take a few pictures.


I'm gonna pretend to be shy...  do you see this though?  That's where God fixed my heart.

012 013

I'm holding on tight, never letting go.  And I'll send you some kisses too!

015 017

Then I think I'll throw some spit kisses your way and take a rest... on my FOOT.

027 028

It really is a good head rest when you're tired.  Or I can fold these little things up tight.

029 039

But there's always room for smiles and giggles even if I'm tired!

033  040

Mom makes me into a burrito so she can wash my hair.  Otherwise I throw the cup and make a mess.

046 047

No tub baths for a bit still, but I kind of like that baby in the mirror getting her bath!

048 050

Mom spins me around at the end to wash my legs then I LAUGH while she scrubs my back!

051 052

Ah... That was exhausting!


Now for my question...

045 049

Emma has done this position with her hand a lot lately.  We're not sure whether she did it before her heart surgery or not, but it's only her left hand.  And when she does it, her arm and hand are very rigid.  I can put my finger on her hand and she'll grab my finger in that same rigid position, in fact the one she's holding my hand above is why I ended up with her hand.  The first here was when I was getting her ready for a bath, the second is (obviously since it's all wet LOL) is when I just finished washing her hair.

Usually it's when she's agitated a little, sometimes when she's just laying and playing.  Along the same lines... We noticed a lot of stuff she does with her RIGHT foot, and not a whole lot with her left.  I hadn't noticed it a whole lot but when a friend was visiting earlier in the week she asked if Emma uses her left foot.  Huh, hadn't noticed.  Anyway, does anyone have a child that does this with their arm, and if so- do you know the cause?  Thanks in advance...


  1. is it just me or does it look like someones getting a little (itty bitty) belly??? maybe??? she looks really good Meredith :)


  2. I love bath pics of sweet little babies. I know Emma is a big girl, but she is just so sweet, I want to call her a baby, does that make sense? Hubby still calls our six year old his baby lol.

  3. Oh Meredith - she get more and more adorable every time I see her!!!

    Not sure about the arm thing!

  4. Love the big smiling picture, she has the best smile! Does she tighten up her arm when she is stressed... (wet, cold, tired) ? IDK, I'd ask the ped. or a therapist, surely they could give you some input,good luck.

  5. Love that huge grin!! She is just precious!!

  6. Ask the experts by all means but when I'm stressed I hold my thumb or cross my toes. I usually don't even realize it until I de-stress some. Hopefully it is just something along those lines. Love, Mom

  7. my son who has cp holds his hand that way and i noticed her foot doing a thing he used to do with his feet before his surgery and orthotic braces....didnt want to try to diagnose froma picture though...but since you asked, those movements remind me of my son and daughter with cerebral palsy. please email if you have any questions.. hugs, rachel

  8. She has one of the sweetest smiles ever. How could anyone not fall in love?


  9. I have been following your family for awhile now and think you ALL are amazing!Beautiful children.Just beautiful.What gifts!O.k,as far as Emma.I have a thought or two but maybe you could email me privately if you would like.I know you have been through so much and I would hate to throw things out there in blogland since I am so not a doctor. Although after Zoey,I really should be. I would really love to talk to you because a few things struck me right off the bat.Hope to talk to you soon. If I don't hear from you I totally understand and I will continue to check in on you and send my prayers your way.

  10. One of the girls I took tap with (she was your age) used to do this with her arm when she was concentrating really hard in class. The teacher hated it :) Wasn't exactly the "arms" she had in mind for our routine.

  11. very pretty, she is looking so much more colorful and full.
    Mild CP most likely? Will she bare the same weight on her right side when being stood up? I would watch that, if she starts doing it more than not, be sure to get that worked on, make sure she keeps that ankle limber and that wrist movable.

  12. My guess would be mild weakness on that side due to cp.. something to get checked out in the future. Can I just say, she looks SO healthy and radiant! What a beautiful expressive face she has. Love the bathtime burrito. :)