Monday, September 29, 2008

Know who gained 2 lbs?


That's right... Miss Emma weighed in at 22lbs just about 2 weeks ago and this morning (different scale, so might be a bit off) she weighed in at 24!  She's on a LOT of pediasure and "ensure" drinks.  The Ensure variety has 350 calories and she likes those flavors better so we trade off between the two.  I picked her up a few times today and (besides me being SUPER tired!) she felt heavier!  So on to the bathroom scale we went and there's surely at least 1.5 lbs to tip the scales! Yay!

And... if that wasn't enough for today... Here's her other surprise for the day:005 006

She kept grabbing my potato salad while sitting on my lap so... I figured why not, right?


Brianna's been pretty much miserable all day.  She's sipped on some watered down apple juice a time or two but isn't interested in anything else.  I gave her a cookie (at her request) which she licked and gave back.  However, this morning post-puking and pre-feeling-crummy she sure was cute :)



  1. YIPPPEEEEEE!! Way to go Emma!!

    Gentle hugs to Brianna - hope your tummy feels better soon!

    Cheri in NH

  2. Wow!!! Go Emma!
    Poor Brianna...I'm sorry she isn't feeling well.

  3. YES< GO EMMA!!! I am SO EXCITED-you made my day! I knew some yummies would follow those bibs some day! Man, is she going to look so different come her one year anniversary-sitting up, rosy cheeks, getting chubby-YES!
    Amy O.

  4. Precious pictures! It looks like Emma loves that potato salad. I hope Brianna feels better soon!

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that's SO cool :)

  6. Yea Emma!!! So glad to see her eat something!!

    Hope Brianna is feeling better.


    Mom C

  7. Love the post-potato-salad expression on Emma's face! It sounds as if her menu is going to be expanding considerably before too long. I am so glad she's gaining weight - and gaining in so many other ways as well.

    But poor Brianna - it's so hard when little ones feel bad and don't understand why. I hope she's on the mend soon and back to her usual bouncy self (and that your other three don't pick up this bug!)

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky

  8. little B, I hope you feel better soon

    Wow Emma looks really grown in the pict, her hair is too cute....and to gain so much weight..good job girl!

  9. Great to hear about Emma eating! Hope she liked it.

  10. Way to go Emma! You can really see that her face is filling out:-) I love chubby little cheeks on kids!