Saturday, December 27, 2008

He's back!

Tonight we went to church and since it's the week between holidays the church doesn't have children's programs this week or any Sunday School.  The nursery is still open for kids birth- 5 years, though, which includes all of my kids and we left both the boys and took the girls with us (Emma always comes with us right now and Brianna has a cough so we didn't leave her).  Due to lower projected attendance this weekend they had just one room open in the nursery with all of the kids.  So K and M stayed in the same room.  We made sure to tell K that he was to be a helper to the teachers (somewhat so he'd help... somewhat so he wouldn't mind staying in the room used for 1 yr olds!).  We knew there was no way for us to really enjoy the church service with ALL of the kids with us.  (We tried that on Christmas eve-- with 2 extra sets of hands-- still don't recommend it!)

So during church the girls were good.  I'd brought a few board books, an 'invisible ink' coloring book and pen (similar to color wonder) and Brianna's "lovey" (blanket w/ a bear head that she loves).   Emma is used to hanging out and does pretty good most of the time.  Toys are generally projectiles for her if they don't make noise... which would be pretty bad in church :)  Brianna surprised me by pointing to a boy on a slide in one of the books and saying "whee!" repeatedly :)  Awesome, except maybe not at church :)

After church we got into the car at 8:45 (they've been going to bed between 7 and 7:30 here lately...) and on the way home Kristopher starts telling us, unprompted, about his time in the nursery.  He said that he didn't do anything except play with Micah the whole time.  Micah threw the ball and he'd go get it and bring it back to him.  Micah had one diaper change, wasn't fussy any, and only once did another kid take the ball they were playing with.  When he did, K told the teacher and she got it back for the boys.

Sounds simple, but it was so refreshing to hear him talk sweetly about his brother and to know that they spent a little over an hour just playing together :).  Kristopher was commenting about how Micah must love him when he is putting his hands on K's face (in the car) and I mentioned that Micah loves it so much that he has a big brother and a friend to play with.  We've also given K the "big boy title" here lately that he's Micah's protector at night time (because we were having issues otherwise) and K commented that he's going to always protect Micah too.

Then Kristopher started in on another whole topic which surprised Mike and I pretty well.  He said he wants us to go buy 2 more brothers and 2 more sisters (um... we talked to him about his terminology and he now has at least heard that you don't buy people, you adopt them, but yes, it does take $$!).  He wants his new brothers to share in his room and maybe if it's girls they could share his room too (which we then explained how there's a girl's room for the girls anyway...).  We don't have any adoption plans right now, but we have talked with K on and off casually about an additional sibling "some day" and he's always been pretty sure that "2 and 2 is enough" (and I think some others would definitely agree!).

It was interesting to hear his chatter about more kids though, especially since we didn't mention it this time.

When we got home he was his sweet self, got his pj's on, brushed his teeth, read in his room, had a bedtime story read to him, prayed with his Daddy, had a few more minutes to read, then when the timer went off he willingly had his light out and only came out once to tell us he was thirsty.  Then he went to sleep. 

I know it was late, he was tired, routine was WAY off, and yet... that was my boy.  The one that left me in late August and has only resurfaced for short glimpses before he does something impulsive or ignores instructions or breaks something or whatever else he might have up his sleeve.  THAT was KRISTOPHER.  HOW CAN I KEEP HIM???  I love this little guy so much and it breaks my heart to see him struggle so much with impulse control and listening.  Tonight, though... whatever it was... he was ON.  RIGHT ON.  Hmm... maybe we should have him eat Peanut Butter and Fluff every night for dinner (yes, I let him have it!).  He was pretty good earlier in the day when we shopped at Waterford Towne Plaza earlier too.  And for that matter... this entire day's been pretty good.  He woke up around 7 and played NICELY until about 8:30 when M, B, and E got up. Yes, he came in and talked to me every 10 minutes or so and no, I didn't really sleep after he was awake, but he did a great job finding something quiet to play with in a room away from the sleeping kids (right outside my bedroom, but I much prefer that!), and even delivered the toy that kept talking to our bathroom counter when asked to do so.

Yeah... it's been a really nice day all around.  Which brings me to... he's been MUCH better this entire break than what we were dealing with during school.  Definitely a marked improvement.  He's had tons of time with Mike and I, he's had opportunities to do neat things like the hotel in Orlando and all the Christmas festivities.  He has done very well in everything but we've still had our moments almost every day when we **sigh** and say "he's FOUR."  Except today.

Now, can this next week ALL be like that?  Can this be the 'new normal'??  He said/did several things today that made me know he's listening and trying but tonight just took the cake.  He's here.  He gets it.  He's still my same Kristopher.  I can't wait for tomorrow so we can have another great day.

Please don't stop praying, we know God is working on all of us each and every day and I know that I need it just as much if not more than Kristopher does!  Praying tomorrow is another nice day!


  1. I just have to chuckle because we have the same kid. THEY ARE BOYS. AND YES, THEY ARE FOUR. Seriously, when Mason is the good kid, I'm like where have you been the past couple days? LOL. I really just think it is a boy thing ... they are SO different than girls, so much so that I don't even like to hang out with moms who have just girls, because they probably think my kid is nuts! LOL. Nope, pretty much he is just a BOY. Sigh ... I totally understand though. They come and go. They have brain farts often (sorry for the bad terminology). But, we still love em because hopefully, the good over shadows the bad. Usually. Well, sometimes. LOL. Okay, not often, but you know. LOL.

  2. I bet he'll be pretty good while school is on vacation, but I'd brace myself for "the return of the monster" once school starts. I don't know why that is (probably just frustrated that he's not w/ Mom & Dad all day anymore).

    As for "buying" new kids - since we foster, but are trying to adopt - my 6 yr old finally put into words what has been bothering her, she said "I just want a brother or sister that STAYS and doesn't leave!"

    We're working on it!! LOL!!