Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tagged- 6th photo 6th folder

I was tagged a while ago by April (I think?) but I didn't have my computer- so no photos to share!  Here's the 6th picture in my 6th folder in the first set of photos:

That was taken in April of 2007, a little over a year and a half ago!  What a sweet little smile :)


In my second set of folders, this is the 6th folder's 6th picture...  This is so appropriate to come back up right now.  That little boy is Misha.  When we went to Ukraine to adopt the little girl we thought we'd bring home we got a blind referral for another child with Down syndrome at the same time. That was Misha.  While we were there we found out that another family had plans to come and adopt little Misha.  They gave their blessing for us to continue on our plan to adopt him, but in the end when we weren't able to bring home Sasha, we knew that God would send the other family for Misha and we were to get someone that might not otherwise make it home.

In true God-fashion, what we thought we knew wasn't quite His plan, and Misha's family just arrived in Ukraine after many many paperwork troubles and they found that Misha had been transferred out of the orphanage where their other little boy is.  So they were unable to adopt Misha either.  We hope and pray that another family that will be traveling in the new year to that area will be able to make Misha their son.  Please pray for this little sweetheart.  He will be such a wonderful addition to a family... the one that God chooses.  Tonight he spends in a mental institution in Eastern Europe.  My heart just breaks, but God has a plan.

Ukraine 020 

And the third set of photos- this is Emma when we first came home.  Look at those dangling little legs... she's not that same child!



  1. Meredith,
    Would you post before and after pictures of Emma sometime!

  2. She sure isn't the same! I can't wait to watch that video... :)